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Our product collections are transformative. We scour the earth, searching for the best natural active ingredients, like edelweiss stem cells harvested in the Swiss Alps, organic red algae from Japanese waters, and neem straight from the Himalayans. We stop at nothing. Our scientists developed Chiral-C® technology, which allows for deeper penetration of nutrients into the skin, targeting cellular receptors. This technology stimulates reparative transformation unlike any other skin care products today. We take pride in our cutting edge research and technology.


BEAUTYPROOF founder, Lesley Goodson, began by researching and writing Breaking the Age Code, Young Skin for Life. Lesley aligned herself with a team of highly skilled scientists and researchers. The core BEAUTYPROOF philosophy is to use the most concentrated actives possible, merge them with our novel penetration technology and garner the best possible stimulation and repair results possible. We intend not to simply slow the aging process, but to reverse it. Proven results are our standard. We source our ingredients from eco-responsible vendors worldwide. Our products are free of parabens, sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and other skin unfriendly ingredients.


BEAUTYPROOF scientists developed the patent-pending anti-aging skin care product, Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator, which is proven to be equally as effective at providing the same transformative results of prescription Retin-A, only without the same burdensome side effects. Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator is 100% stabilized, unlike Retin-A. It may be used during exposure to sunlight. The red algae and other nutrients in Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator, combined with BEAUTYPROOF’s novel form of vitamin A – retinaldehyde – are proven to stimulate repair of sun damaged skin, which is the toughest to treat and repair. Be empowered, reclaim your skin.

We continue our research in order to discover more and better ways of Breaking the Age Code.