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BEAUTYPROOF Skin Care’s Chiral-C® Technology takes skin care to a whole new level. Experience what the world’s most powerful chirally correct active ingredients will do for your skin. Superior absorption and penetration. Proven technology. Faster, more profound results.

Chiral-C® Technology


Many molecules have two “mirror-image” parts which do not necessarily link together and properly react with other molecules. In order for some molecules to effectively link and react they must be chirally correct. Why? We have receptors in our skin cells which tell our skin cells how they should react. Certain active ingredients that are not chirally correct will penetrate the dermis and not fit into the receptors in our skin. Result? They will not stimulate the reaction we are looking for: REPAIR.

Chirally correct active ingredients are superior because they ensure deeper absorption into the skin and encourage positive, effective results without allergic reactions and skin sensitivities. BEAUTYPROOF Skin Care incorporates chirally correct active ingredients in many of our products, resulting in proper cellular stimulation which increases collagen and elastin. Our skin lightening products contain chirally correct actives which slow the production of melanin superiorly, resulting in profound, more rapid lightening effects.


Below is a list of BEAUTYPROOF Skin Care products containing chirally correct active ingredients.  Active ingredient names are listed under the product name, followed by an (L) or a (D), which signify that they are chirally correct actives. The “L” and  the “D” are the scientific mark for which side of the molecule is being used!

CellXCell® Lifting + Firming Serum  
Sodium Hyaluronate (L)

Flash Focus Spot Corrector
Lactic Acid (L) and Ascorbic Acid (L)

Forest Water Cleansing Essence
Menthol (L), Tartaric Acid (L) and Malic Acid (L)

Mighty Mud
Ergothioneine (L)

Morning Beauty Mask  
Lactate (L)

Go Glow Eyes
Sodium Hyaluronate (L)

Super Strengthener Hydra Veil
Acetyl Carnitine (L)

The Illuminator Brightening Serum 
Glutathione (L), Acetyl Glucosamine (D) and Gluconic Acid (D)

Vita C Smoothing Grains
Ascorbic Acid (L)